Elven Rogue Assassin PC


Born within the shade of Vierathan, Elisar was left to fend for himself at a very young age. Perhaps his mother and father were separated from him, or perhaps they left him on purpose; regardless, Elisar had to adapt to survive. He quickly became adept at picking pockets, and quickly made friends with other urchins. In particular, he formed a close bond with Enialis, a drow in a similar situation. Together they eked out a living and climbed to the top of the bottom. Forming connections and gaining success within Vierathan. Enialis managed information, jobs, and contacts, while Elisar took any job, no matter how risky. He became an accomplished mercenary, but specialized in jobs dealing with theft and assassination.

Between jobs, Elisar caught the eye of a half-elf woman named Nera. The two dated for a time, but cut it off due to business reasons. The break was not clean, however, and the two are still friends, perhaps a little more.

One day, Enialis passed on a note he had received that was addressed to Elisar. “Find the son of the Falcon, and you shall be greatly rewarded. Enclosed is an advance payment, and a letter. Show this letter to someone of our profession, and they will do you one favor.” The letter was unsigned, and the attached payment was significant enough to warrant a sack. Intrigued by the large sum of gold, as well as the reasoning behind such a request, Elisar took the letter and his shortswords, bid farewell to Enialis, and left to search for the son of the Falcon, wherever he might be.


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