Airlyn Falcon

Elven Ranger Noble PC


The earliest memories that Airlyn can recall are those of towering trees, and the light of the sun flitting through the leaves. Unlike the other elves within his village, Airlyn did not have a surname. According to the clan Elder, Dravvanas, an unnamed elf pleaded with him to look after Airlyn, at an age where he could barely stand upright. Many of the clanmates didn’t wish an outsider into their forest. But the kindhearted Dravvanas ignored their distrust and took the young elf into his clan. Being the Elder of the clan, Dravvanas tended to the young elf himself, seeing as the others certainly wouldn’t even consider it.

Through the early years of his life, Dravvanas had Airlyn spend much of his time studying the flora and wildilfe of forest. Whenever the elder had free time, he would go on hikes through the forests with the young elf, showing him the beauty of nature and her children. Airlyn quickly took a liking the wilderness, often bringing small critters back to the elder’s home. After a while, the elder thought it wise to teach Airlyn the magic that nature holds. Soon Airlyn learned to use the magic of nature to communicate with the creatures in the forest, and spent most of his adolescent days exploring the further reaches of the forest.

For the better part of the century, AIrlyn was content living amongst the clan, now largely accepted by the members as a well liked clanmate. Throughout those years, the question of his parents, and lack of a surname irked him, slowly digging it’s way through his mind. That is, until the night that Airlyn approached Dravvanas, and inquired about his lineage. Unfortunately, Dravvanas could not shed light on it. All Dravvanas knew was what he had experienced himself. This brought a fair amount of discomfort, as well as curiosity to Airlyn. He had no answers, and even more questions. A few months passed, and Airlyn could no longer enjoy the simple clan life. Airlyn was fairly confident in his skills as a tracker, seeing as he participated in most of the clan hunts and decided that he would search for answers himself.

On the eve of his departure, Airlyn left a letter to Dravvanas within his home, it contents thanked the clan and Dravvanas for their compassion and promised to return once he had found the answers he seeked. One last time, Airlyn looked up through the canopy of his home, and saw only stormclouds on the horizon. Lighting crackled across the sky and with a heavy heart, Airlyn began his journey.

Airlyn Falcon

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