Friend of Elisar


Enialis was born within the Underdark, but did not stay long enough to be come poisoned by Drow ideals. He was whisked away at a very young age by his parents in an attempt to escape.

Enialis came from a noble house, and it was because of this that his parents, the rulers of this house, needed to escape, for Drow politics are very dirty business. A rival house organized a coup and quickly overthrew Enialis’ family, leaving them no choice but to flee. Just before they escaped, Enialis’ parents were shot down. Enialis himself was allowed to live.

It was not an act of mercy, for Drow are incapable of such a thing. He was allowed to live because it would be “funnier if he died on the surface to the inferior races. An inferior death for an inferior child to inferior peoples.” Enialis scrambled, his life spared, into the sunlight.

The light blinded him, so he moved during nighttime. He was starving and scared, but managed to make his way into Vierathan. Using skills developed in a far more difficult environment, Enialis was able to steal food and money with extreme ease.

As he spent years on the streets, he noticed that there was no ruler. No gang had absolute power, no boss had dominion. “I could rule this city.” he thought to himself. His limited training on ruling a Drow family was more than enough to handle an environment as tame as a surface city…but he would need allies. Not just that… he would need a partner.

One day, Enialis saw a young elf weaving his way through the market, stealing from stalls and passerby with just as much ease as himself. “He could almost be a Drow, were his skin darker…he’s perfect.”

Enialis approached Elisar, and the two became “business” partners, and eventually fast friends. Elisar would perform jobs, and Enialis would allocate the funds to the right places. He spent decades building up a network of eyes-and-ears, and kept his ear to the pulse of Vierathan.

One day, Elisar received a letter from a wealthy employer, with directions to capture the “son of the Falcon”. Attached as a huge sum of gold as an “advance payment”. Elisar took the job without hesitation, and Enialis started planning. If this job brought enough funds, perhaps his plans could be put in motion. This city would soon belong to them.


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