Nera was born to a middle-class family in Vierathan. Growing up, she showed interest in reading and writing, and was a fair hand at mathematics. She got good grades, and lived a normal childhood. Then everything changed.

Nera came home from school one day to her parents’ bodies on the floor, blood soaking the floorboards of their once-happy household. A man in a guard uniform stood above their bodies, sword dripping with her family’s blood. He turned, pointing the sword at her, and charged. Nera ran for dear life, screaming enough to draw the attention of REAL guards, who swiftly caught the impostor.

Justice was served, but Nera was left on the streets. Regardless, she was determined to continue her studies. She stole books, but tried to pay the owners back whenever money came her way. She was known as a sweet young girl, and was well-liked by those who knew her.

Eventually, she finished her education enough to become employed in customs, overseeing the goods of those who entered and left Vierathan. She was drawn to one individual in particular, however; a shady-looking elf with light footsteps and a warm voice. Whenever he came through customs, she stammered and blushed her way through their conversations, until he eventually asked her on a date. The relationship grew from there, and she met Enialis, Elisar’s best friend, who helped her with the debts she still had to repay.

Eventually, Nera broke the relationship off with Elisar. He didn’t have enough time for his work AND their relationship, and so he had to choose. He chose poorly. Nera cried for the few nights after the break-up, for she thought what they had was REAL. Even months after they split up, she still found him attractive, and she could tell he felt the same way.

Recently, Elisar left the city with a gleam in his eye and a slightly fatter belt pouch than usual. What could it mean?


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